Geocaching in Madison Parks

Find a cache in the Madison Parks! Geocaching is a popular outdoor "scavenger hunt" that uses a global positioning system (GPS) device and internet-published coordinates to locate a virtual or physical cache. A virtual cache may be an amazing view; a physical cache may be a trinket or log book in a plastic container hidden under some leaves. Geocaching is an acceptable activity in the Parks when all the guidelines are followed.

Types of Geocaching allowed in the Parks

  • Virtual Caching: (Preferred method) Coordinates of stationary landmarks guide participants to the virtual cache. Virtual caches are verified only by e-mailed photos of the cache site.
  • Physical Geocaching: Participants seek a hidden - not buried - physical cache. A waterproof container stores the trade item or logbook. For a letterbox cache, there is usually a logbook and rubber stamp. Participants mark their personal logbooks with the stamp from the letterbox, and use their own personal stamp to mark the letterbox's logbook. For a micro-cache, a small container such as a film canister is used.

Basic Guidelines for Geocaching (for all participants)