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Goodman Pool

Goodman Pool Scholarships

Goodman Pool offers everyone a place to enjoy Madison in the summertime, a place where everyone can have a chance to learn and play regardless of financial circumstances. The Madison Parks Foundation is proud to offer scholarships for families in need. To be considered for financial aid for youth swimming lessons, swim team, or admissions, the applicant must fill out the scholarship application, complete Goodman Pool registration form, and mail the registration form along with a supporting documentation.

Priority funding given to Swimming Lesson requests.

1. Fill out the lesson registration form.

2. Provide documentation of eligibility for MMSD free/reduced lunch.

3. Mail or email the the registration form and supporting letter to:
Madison Parks, Attn: Scholarship Administrator, PO Box 2987, Madison, WI 53701

Scholarship requests will be reviewed monthly from March 1- June 25; or until scholarship funds are expended. You will notified about your scholarship and lesson enrollment.