2016 Parks Division Rain Garden Management

Last Updated: 07/02/2018

Work on this contract continues in 2017 with the maintenance of all of the sites including watering, weeding and other measures essential to successful plant establishment of all of the material planted in 2016.  The contract will be completed on December 1, 2017. BACKGROUND:
Each year, Parks identifies areas within park properties and at rain garden and storm water management sites that require invasive species removal for aggressive, non-native plants such as sandbar willow and buckthorn and replanting with native, rain-garden appropriate species. 

This year, Central Park was added to the list as the raingarden at the site was not planted as part of the original construction contract - the images below are from the planting area prior to planting in May 2016 and following successful plant establishment in September 2016:
Central Park beforeCentral Park Sept16
Other park sites included as part of this year's contract include:

  • Merrill Springs (Japanese knotweed removal)
  • Goodman Park (invasives removal and replanting at the rain garden on Olin Avenue)
  • James Madison Park (invasives removal at the rain garden near Gates of Heaven)
  • Olin Park (invasive removal and replanting at the rain garden on John Nolen Avenue)
  • Warner Park (invasive removal at the raingarden near the Community Recreation Center parking lot)

Questions regarding this project should be directed to: Kate Kane, Landscape Architect at kkane@cityofmadison.com or (608) 261-9671.