Esther Beach Park Improvements

Last Updated: 10/09/2017

Construction of the Esther Beach Park improvements are complete! Phase I of the project includes construction of a raingarden and the restroom building and will be complete in June 2017.  Phase II improvements include reconstruction of the play area, parking lot, boat launch, and stormwater utilities.  The stormwater improvements in Phase II will reduce the total pollutants into the lake by 3.7 lbs per year and the total suspended solids by 956 lbs.  It will also reduce the average number of events producing runoff into the lake by 50%!  A new stormwater swale will also be constructed to signficicantly reduce any bacteria that is entering the lake through the site from stormwater runoff.  Phase II construction has begun and will be completed by September 2017.

The Adopted Esther Beach Park Master Plan is scheduled to be implemented in 2016 and 2017. The proposed project includes demolition of the existing restroom building and construction of the City of Madison’s prototype park restroom building.  This project will also include reconstruction of the existing play area, parking lot, and boat launch and improvements to treatment of stormwater to improve water quality.

Check out the project feature in the Clean Lakes Alliance State of the Lakes 2016 Annual Report!

Esther Beach Restroom Building

The City of Madison Parks Division held a public meeting to discuss the proposed improvements to Esther Beach Park on December 16, 2015. The below exhibits were presented at this meeting:
Existing Conditions and Adopted Master Plan

Proposed Plans