Olbrich Park: Garver Feed Mill - North Plat and Olbrich Botanical Gardens Operations Area

Last Updated: 03/30/2018

The City of Madison Parks Division held the first of two public input meetings on March 29, 2018, to discuss potential improvements at Olbrich Park. During this meeting, City staff reviewed current site conditions and gathered input on potential improvements from area residents and project stakeholders.

The presentation exhibits are available here: Olbrich Park PIM 1 Presentation

Two areas of Olbrich Park were reviewed and discussed; the North Plat  and Olbrich Botanical Gardens operations area along Sugar Ave near the existing ice skating rink.

Olbrich Park - North Plat

Discussion topics for the North Plat included:

  • Existing site conditions
  • Previous master plan recommendations
  • Material management for the Garver Feed Mill redevelopment
  • Future bike path connection to O.B. Sherry Park
  • Path and access improvements
  • Potential dog park location

Olbrich Botanical Gardens Operations Area

Discussion topics for the Olbrich Botanical Gardens Operations Area included:

  • Existing site conditions
  • Relocation of existing hoop houses
  • Relocation of maintenance shed
  • Leaf mulch area
  • Installation of Nice Rink- ice rink to replace existing floating rink

If you have questions or comments or were unable to attend the meeting, please contact Mike Sturm at (608) 267-4921 or at msturm@cityofmadison.com.