Segoe Park Playground Replacement - Contract: 2019 Playgrounds - Group 1

Last Updated: 10/19/2018

Replacement of the playground at Segoe Park is included in the Parks capital budget submittal for 2019!

Parks begins the planning process for playground replacements in advance of the finalization of the budget (which is anticipated to occur in November 2018) in order to receive public input and develop design documents for bidding in early 2019.  The first opportunity for input from the neighborhood on the design of the playground was at the Playgrounds - Group 1 Workshop held on 10/18/2018; materials from that session can be found in the links, below.

A follow-up meeting to review & vote on the specific equipment & colors for the playground will be held in conjunction with a meeting to review & vote on design concepts for William Slater Park:
Segoe & William Slater Parks Playgrounds Meeting #2
Thursday, December 6, 2018
VanHise Elementary School library

Please contact Project Manager Kate Kane at (608) 261-9671 or if you would like to provide input on the project but are unable to attend the meeting or have other questions.

As a reminder, if the neighborhood has interest in fundraising to support the playground replacement project please contact Kate Kane to describe your fundraising intent/goal by November 8, 2018 and then contact the Madison Parks Foundation to set up your account.

2019 Playgrounds - Group 1 Workshop
was held Thursday, October 18 at 6PM - Sequoya Library (4340 Tokay Blvd)

At this session and due to the proximity of the two park's playgrounds, the dual-replacements in 2019 of both William Slater and Segoe Parks were discussed during the break-out/table session with Parks staff.  Attendees confirmed that the Parks are used equally among regular users - although William Slater tends to trend towards younger visitors and Segoe tends to attract older kids.  As such, conventional equipment replacement is proposed for Segoe Park and an all-new 'nature playscape' is to be installed at William Slater Park! 
Please see also the William Slater Park project page for information regarding the 'nature playscape' concept.

Attendees at the session cast majority votes for wood mulch surfacing and equipment manufacturer Landscape Structures.  Opinions on color varied - so design concepts brought to the next meeting will feature an option with natural shades (green/brown) as well as blue & lime green!