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Read about one of our long-time volunteers for Ride the Drive - Joe Goss. 

For Joe Goss, volunteering with Madison Parks for Ride the Drive was his chance to make a difference in the community.

“Taking back the roads from vehicles, even for a day, seemed so revolutionary!” Goss said. “I am helping people realize they don’t need a car for a trip to the store or as a way to get to work.”

Involved with the event since 2010, Goss works as a bike ambassador each year. As such, he looks for route hazards, checks with area captains for tasks and delivers food and water to those volunteering as intersection guides.

“Happily, I spend most of my time riding,” Goss added.

Already an avid cyclist, Goss bikes from his home in Sun Prairie to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus each day, where he works as an analyst and project manager.

“Last year I commuted nearly 3,000 miles, largely on bike lanes along East Washington Avenue,” Goss said.

By volunteering with Ride the Drive, Goss hopes to help his neighbors have fun and engage with one another.

“Ride the Drive is a great way for everyone to have a blast! Participants bring creative bikes, outrageous costumes and over-the-top positive attitudes to the event,” Goss said. “Our ability to have fun as a community is limited only by our imagination.”

For Goss, that ability to have fun is reliant on citizens’ willingness to get involved.

“We need volunteers to make Ride the Drive possible,” he said. “I encourage anyone who recognizes the importance of this event to volunteer for shift.”

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