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To promote safety, we encourage everyone - especially bikers, but also joggers, strollers, parents and children, dog walkers, and rollerbladers - to take care and be patient and courteous with other event participants when enjoying Ride the Drive. With a variety of different users traveling at different speeds, the best way to keep yourself and others safe is to remain alert and respect the people around you. Although Ride the Drive allows bikers, walkers, and the public to enjoy our city streets, participants need to still follow basic rules of the road. Please take note of the following:


  • Ride the Drive participants must obey traffic lights, traffic signs, and general rules of the road. Please be aware that there are vehicular crossings on the Ride the Drive route. Police officers will be there to direct traffic and will use the traffic light patterns.
  • If you stop on the route, please make sure that you move your bike to the side so you do not block or obstruct others trying to continue to ride, run, or walk on the route.
  • We encourage everyone to wear a helmet if riding or rollerblading at Ride the Drive.
  • Also, if you are riding with children at Ride the Drive, please make sure you keep a close distance and assist them on the route.
  • Dogs are allowed at Ride the Drive, but not on the Capitol grounds. Dogs must be on a leash, have the proper tags, and owners must clean up after their dogs.
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