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2010-2011 Comprehensive Plan Review

The City of Madison Comprehensive Plan was adopted in January 2006. Since that time, several new neighborhood, neighborhood development, and special area plans have been adopted or amended as supplements to the Comprehensive Plan, but there have been no formal amendments to the plan itself.

To ensure that the Comprehensive Plan remains an accurate expression of community goals, the Madison Plan Commission has initiated a limited review and evaluation of the plan at this time to identify situations where the plan's mapped land use recommendations are no longer consistent with the recommendations another adopted City plan, or may be inconsistent with a proposed development project or future land use that the community may wish to support. The review process will identify potential changes to the recommended land use maps for possible consideration as amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.

A two-track review process has been established for reviewing potential amendments to the Comprehensive Plan maps. Track 1 consists of potential map amendments that either correct an error or omission in the adopted plan, or that were recommended in other City plans adopted or amended since January 2006. Track 2 consists of potential map amendments that have been requested by prospective developers or others to accommodate a specific potential development or future land use that would not be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan as currently adopted. Because they are based on previous planning approvals, Track 1 potential amendments are not expected to be controversial and will be considered first and separately from the Track 2 amendments.

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