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If you have any questions about the Hoyt Park Area Joint Neighborhood Plan, or want to make a comment about the plan or the materials on this website, please contact us.

City of Madison
Jule Stroick, Neighborhood Planning, Preservation & Design
Tel: 608.267.8744

Lead Consultant
Brian Munson, Principal
Vandewalle & Associates
Tel: 608.255.3988                      

District Alderpersons
Alderperson Shiva Bidar-Sielaff
Tel: 608-220-6986, 608.266.4071
Alderperson Website:
Common Council Website:

Alderperson Chris Schmidt, District 11
Tel: 608.238.7494, 608.266.4071
Alderperson Website:

Hoyt Park Area Joint Neighborhood Management Team (HPNC)
A resident base team has formed to provide support to the planning process. We encourage you to subscribe to My Account e-notification to receive announcements and updates in a timely manner. If you are receiving this message (and haven't received an identical message before today) it means that you are on a email list that was compiled from other sources. Go to My Account and scroll to Hoyt Park Plan (under the category of Neighborhoods).

Jason Valerius, HPNC Co-Chair

Jean MacCubbin, HPNC Co-Chair