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Be Informed, Get Involved
Community and stakeholder involvement is a must. We want residents, business community, and key stakeholders to articulate their vision for Old University Avenue corridor. What do you like, what would you change, and what can you do to make the broadly-held vision a reality. Therefore, we ask you to become citizen planners by getting involved in the corridor planning project.

  • UAC Open Houses: Attend the planned Open Houses and Design Workshop to place your mark on how you would improve Old University Avenue.
  • e-Notification Sign-Up: Sign-up and receive agendas, minutes and updates regarding the planning process. To subscribe, go to . If you do not have an account, register by clicking on the “Register” link . Complete the registration form and To register, click on the “Register” link. Complete the registration form and click the “Register” button. You will receive a confirmation email with steps necessary to activate your account. Follow these steps to activate and login to your new account. After logging in, click on one of the “Email Lists” links. Click on “Neighborhoods” and then check the box for “University Avenue Corridor Plan.” After you have selected all of the email lists you want to subscribe to, click on the “Update Subscriptions” button on the bottom of the page and confirm the changes.