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This service provides for the Madison Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Board, Technical Committee, and Ad Hoc Advisory Committees. The Madison Area Metropolitan Planning Organization is responsible for transportation planning and programming within the Madison Urbanized Area and the metropolitan planning area (i.e., that area which is likely to become urbanized within a 20-year planning horizon). The Metropolitan Planning Organization prepares an annual work program and budget, funded largely through the Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, and Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The Transportation Planning Service maintains a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive transportation planning process for the metropolitan planning area. This process results in the development and maintenance of a comprehensive, multi-modal transportation plan. The service prepares, on an annual basis, a five-year Transportation Improvement Program to guide transportation capital improvement projects within the metropolitan planning area. The Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Transportation Planning Service undertake many special transportation planning projects and initiatives and provide ongoing services such as the Ride Share Program.