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The neighborhood plan will provide guidance to policy makers about how to improve this Westside neighborhood.

  • Vision Statement A description of a realistic and credible desired future for the planning study area.
  • Land Use Plan A map and a written description of the different land use areas or districts for the planning study area. The land use plan/map serves as the guide for policy-makers in land use decisions. The Madison Comprehensive Master Plan states that neighborhoods should "prepare and adopt a detailed neighborhood plan that clearly defines the locations where redevelopment, changes in use and/or increased density are recommended, the areas where no significant changes in use or intensity are recommended, and the essential character, scale and design elements that are critical to ensuring that new development is compatible with existing development".
  • Design Guidelines A set of guidelines on the appearance and aesthetics of buildings or improvements that governs construction, alteration, demolition or relocation of a building or improvement, including land improvements.
  • Planned Improvements Specific recommendations to improve the aesthetic or function of the neighborhood. Focus is on improvements in the public right-of-way such as pedestrian-friendly amenities, bicycle lanes, on-street parking, street trees, and public art.
  • Action Plan Spells out in some detail how the plan's vision or goals are to be achieved. This includes a description of the responsible party, the specific actions to be taken and the time frame for completing the action. The time frame of the plan is usually between 5 to 10 years.