City of Madison

Capitol East District - Where creativity lives, businesses grow

Development Vision

For innovators who see great value in being part of a stimulating urban business and social ecosystem, the Capitol East District is a creative economic epicenter that fuses the energy of downtown with the East Isthmus' sense of community. It's home to the University of Wisconsin's Metro Innovation Center and other pioneering businesses. Its prime location as the gateway to downtown Madison captures a vibrant mix of professional and lifestyle opportunities. Finally, the Capitol East District aims to be Madison's model for sustainable, transit-oriented urban business and living. Combined, these characteristics make the Capitol East District perfect for today's dynamic workforce. Discover more about this dynamic environment by viewing the following:

A Little History...A Lot of Potential

In recent years, the City of Madison has been readying the district located between Downtown and the airport for development. Here, in what was once the industrial heat of Madison, the hum of manufacturing has made way for the spark of innovation.
Today, the Capitol East District is an area with the existing infrastructure upon which greatness can be built. Energy flows freely from Madison's Downtown and the nearby University of Wisconsin-Madison. Access to major highways, bike paths and bus routes makes commuting easy and often, green. Parks, lakes and the Yahara River break up the bustle.

With enough space and resources to accommodate large and small companies alike, the Capitol East District has all the pieces in place. It's now up to enterprising businesses to put them together.