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Emerson East – Eken Park - Yahara Neighborhood Plan Update

The City of Madison works with neighborhoods throughout the community to prepare neighborhood plans. In 1998, the City adopted the Emerson East – Eken Park (EEEP) Neighborhood Plan. The City, neighborhoods, businesses, community groups and other stakeholders have helped implement many of the 1998 plan recommendations over the past 15 years. The current neighborhood leadership, alders and City have determined that it is time to revisit and update the neighborhood plan.

The updated EEEPY Neighborhood Plan will be an advisory document for policymakers, municipal agencies, community groups and others who will initiate, direct, and manage decisions over the next 10 years concerning a number of topics that include, but are not limited to housing; transportation; utilities and community facilities; agricultural, natural and cultural resources; economic development; intergovernmental cooperation; and land use. The plan will include an existing conditions profile; neighborhood issues, opportunities and assets; a vision statement; goals and recommendations; and an implementation plan. The implementation plan will include the lead organizations, action steps and cost estimates to realize the plan's goals and recommendations.

Business Survey

Please take the Business Survey

The City of Madison is interested in hearing from business owners and managers as part of the Emerson East-Eken Park-Yahara (EEEPY) Neighborhood Plan. What neighborhood improvements would help businesses thrive? Come share your ideas at one of the following Office of Business Resource events and take the online business survey posted above:

Business Roundtable 1
April 24th 7:30am
Bashford United Methodist Church
329 North Street, Room 3

Business Roundtable 2
April 29th 2:30pm
Manna Cafe
611 North Sherman Avenue

Please RSVP to Dan Kennelly, dkennelly@cityofmadison.com, or 608-267-1968 to let him know which event you will attend. The agendas for both events will be the same.

Study Area

Plan Boundary


Public Infrastructure Needs

The EEEPY SC is taking an inventory of public infrastructure needs in the planning study area. They want to hear from residents, business owners, and others with a stake in the planning area. What should be added to the list? Print the form and encourage your friends and neighbors to add their thoughts to the mix. People may either handwrite and mail the form to Linda, or send their thoughts via email.

Public Infrastructure Inventory Form

Linda Horvath
Planning Division
PO Box 2985
Madison, WI 53701-2985


Your Input

About 50 people participated in Open House I! Thanks to everyone that came and shared their ideas, comments and questions. You may read a compilation of input by topic, by clicking on the following links:

The dotted line outlines an area that was considered in the Northport-Warner Park-Sherman Neighborhood Plan. This area will only be discussed if it will complement recommendations made in the EEEPY Neighborhood Plan. Click here for a more detailed map of the planning area.

Existing Conditions Maps

Community Assets

Bus Routes and Stops Project Census Tracts Housing Age
Housing Tenure Housing Type Housing Value Land Use
Neighborhood Associations Parks & Open Space Pedestrian, Bicycle & Traffic School Attendance Areas

Project Team
A City appointed Emerson East – Eken Park Steering Committee will lead the planning process. The City of Madison Planning Division will administer the process through a Project Team.

Outreach and Engagement

Elected officials, city staff, business owners, neighborhood leaders, and other stakeholders will be invited to help identify issues, develop strategies, problem solve, and review and comment on plan drafts. Steering Committee meetings will be open to the public, and the public will be invited to participate in several Public Open Houses during the process and to join plan implementation efforts. Click here for the Public Participation plan.

General Planning Process Timeline
The planning process will begin in 2013 and continue until plan adoption. Click here for the Work Plan and Timeline.


January 2014
Emerson East-Eken Park-Yahara Steering Committee
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
2670 Milwaukee Street
6:30 p.m.
February 2014
Emerson East-Eken Park-Yahara Steering Committee
Bashford United Methodist Church
329 North Street
6:30 p.m.
March 2014
Emerson East-Eken Park-Yahara Steering Committee
Bashford United Methodist Church
329 North Street
6:30 p.m.


Area Alders
Alder Larry Palm
Alder Ledell Zellers

Planning Division
Linda Horvath
P.O. Box 2985, Madison, WI 53703-2985.


Project Email List
Send an email to Linda Horvath, if you would like us to include you on the neighborhood plan email list to receive plan updates and announcements of related events and activities