Project Info

We are excited to announce the upcoming neighborhood planning initiative in the Hiestand Neighborhood. The Neighborhood Planning Program of the Department of Planning and Development annually provides planning services to a designated area of the City. The Hiestand Neighborhood (based on Census Tract 30.02 boundaries) will be receiving planning assistance in 2005. This east side area was selected by the CDBG Commission, and confirmed by resolution by the Common Council, based upon:

1) A higher percentage of low- and moderate-income households residing in the area than the City as a whole &
2) The willingness on the part of residents to develop a neighborhood plan.

Study Area

The Department of Planning and Development will be working with neighborhood 
residents, the business community, and other interested parties to develop a 3-5 year plan for the neighborhood. The boundaries of the 
study area include: Highway 30 on the north; N. Thompson Drive on the east, Milwaukee Street on the south, and N. Stoughton Road on 
the west.