Comprehensive Planning and Development Review

The mission of  this service is to maintain the City's urban development policy through the preparation and maintenance of long-range and master plan elements, mid-range neighborhood development plans and to provide the necessary linkage to and implementation of these plans through the maintenance of the City's land development regulations (primarily zoning and subdivision regulations) and through the review and evaluation of specific land development proposals. This section provides data, information and mapping services; conducts needs assessments, inventories and analyzes urban development policy issues; maintains and develops geographic information system planning applications; and works with a wide range of citizens and groups to develop and carry out these plans.

This service is responsible for establishing an urban development policy through the preparation of the City's long-range master plan elements including the Peripheral Area Development Plan, the Land Use Plan, the Objectives and Policies Plan and neighborhood development plans. The service assists other agencies in the preparation of community facilities plans such as libraries, public schools, parks and open space.

This service also prepares neighborhood development plans for lands at the City's periphery. It also provides data information services, conducting needs assessment studies and preparing housing plans and reports. Population and housing research is a regular master planning activity. Information from the U.S. Bureau of Census Decennial and Special Censuses, the City's databases, and other sources is used to assist in preparing City-wide land use and community facility plans and policy planning as well as planning for smaller areas and for special development projects.

Northeast Neighborhood Development Plan Website

Pumpkin Hollow Neighborhood Development Plan Website

The Current Planning Service receives, processes and reviews a wide range of land development proposals as required by state law and City ordinances. These include zoning amendments and conditional use applications, land subdivisions, and annexations. This service also maintains and updates the subdivision ordinance and zoning code in response to City policy and plan changes. This service provides primary staff support for the Plan Commission. The current planning service is, many times, the first and primary contact for proposed development projects and redevelopment activities within the City when working through the development approval process. Current planning staff provide developers, land owners, neighborhood groups, other City staff and the public with information and assistance regarding land use and development proposals that require City approval.