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Mid-Town Neighborhood Development Plan Amendment
Welcome to the website for the Mid-Town Neighborhood Development Plan Amendment. This Plan Amendment was prepared to guide future urban development within the western portion of the neighborhood, which had very general recommendations. The amendment was adopted as a supplement to the City of Madison Comprehensive Plan.

Amendment Area
The amendment area includes the western part of the larger Mid-Town Neighborhood planning area. The amendment area is generally bounded by Valley View Road to the north, Meadow Road to the west, Mid-Town Road to the south and existing subdivisions to the east (Hawks Landing, Hawks Woods and Pine Hill Farm).

Midtown Area

CARPC Application
On October 19, 2010, the City submitted an application to the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC) to amend the Central Urban Service Area to include a portion of the Mid-Town neighborhood. The application materials are located below. It is anticipated that CARPC will hold a public hearing on the application at their meeting on January 13, 2011.

City of Madison Application

Adopted Neighborhood Development Plan Amendment Text

Plan Amendment Text

Adopted Neighborhood Development Plan Amendment Maps

Map 1 - Planning Area (Aerial Photograph)
Map 2 - Municipal Jurisdiction/Property Ownership
Map 3 - Natural Features Map 4 - Existing Land Use
Map 5 - Land Use and Street Plan

Map 6 - Pedestrian - Bicycle Facilities
Map 7 - Utilities and Development Phasing

Neighborhood Development Plan Amendment Review

Common Council
August 03, 2010
Action: Adopted with Planning Division Staff Recommended Changes.

Plan Commission
July 26, 2010
Action: Recommended adoption with Planning Division Staff Recommended Changes.
Planning Division Staff Recommended Changes to the Draft Plan Amendment

Long Range Transportation Planning Committee
July 15, 2010
Action: Recommended adoption with changes.

Board of Park Commissioners
July 14, 2010
Action: Recommended adoption.

February 10, 2010 Public Meeting at Olson Elementary School
Meeting Minutes
Map 5 - Land Use and Street Plan

Other City of Madison Plans
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City of Madison Comprehensive Plan

Other Planning Documents of Interest
Town of Middleton and City of Madison Cooperative Plan

Staff Contacts for the Plan Amendment
If you have any questions about the Plan, please contact one of the City staff listed below.

Michael Waidelich, Principal Planner
Phone: 608-267-8735

Dave Larson, Planner
Phone: 608-267-8738

Brian Grady, Planner
Phone: 608-261-9980

Mid-Town Plan Amendment
Department of Planning and Community and Economic Development
Planning Division
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