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What are plug-ins?
Plug-ins are software programs that extend the capabilities of web browsers in a specific way - giving you, for example, the ability to play audio samples, watch streamed meetings using the RealPLayer plug-in and view documents over the Web that look just as they do when created.

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

PDF is an acronym for "Portable Document Format." PDF is a file format created by Adobe that lets you view and print a file exactly as the author designed it, without needing to have the same application or fonts used to
create the file.

Most documents on the City of Madison web site are published using Adobe's® Portable Document Format (PDF). To display or print these documents, you must download the free Adobe Reader®. The Adobe® Reader allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF documents. All PDF documents on the City of Madison's Web site are characterized by the following example, (PDF 32KB), and is usually placed next to the document link. The plug-in is availble for free by going to:

Adobe Reader® Typewriter Tool Instructions

Many of our website's PDF forms use the Typewriter tool which allows you to fill out forms that do not contain interactive form fields.

  1. Open with Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher
  2. Click the Adobe Typewriter Tool IconTypewriter Tool button on the Toolbar.
  3. Click with the Typewriter Tool to place text anywhere on the page.
  4. Move typed entries by clicking to select the text and dragging it by its border.
  5. When you are finished, click on "File" and click on "Save as" to save your information or click on "File" and click on "Print" to print the completed form.

Streaming Audio and Video

To listen to audio or watch videos on the City of Madison website, you'll need the Real Playerplug-ins.
The plug-in is available for free by going to: RealPlayer