Officer Sarah Boespflug

Sarah & Falko

Police Officer Sarah Boespflug has been with the Madison Police Department since 2007. Prior to becoming a K9 handler, Officer Boespflug was the Northport Neighborhood Officer and a decoy for the K9 unit. Her interest in the K9 unit comes from her love of animals and understanding of how much information a K9 can provide an investigation.

In 2017, she was partnered with K9 Falko, a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix from the Czech Republic. K9 Falko is a very social, fun-loving guy who loves to work and will do anything to get someone to play fetch with him.

Truesdell Animal Hospital sponsors K9 Falko's vet care and Animart graciously donates his food. Aside from working hard, tracking people, and adding information to investigations, K9 Falko loves to attend events and is involved in a reading program at area schools where he enjoys listening to children read him books.