Officer Jim Donnell

K9 Unit

Officer Jim Donnell has been a police officer since 1992 and began working for the Madison Police Department in 1998. Prior to joining MPD, he worked for both the Town of Madison PD and Maple Bluff PD. His experiences prior to joining the K9 unit include the Gang and Drug unit and nights patrol, primarily in the South District.

He had always expressed an interest in canine training and once the Madison Police Department officially started the K9 Unit, he immediately applied. He was teamed up with K9 Johnny in January 2005. K9 Johnny is a Belgian Malinois, who at the time they were partnered, was just under two years old.

He was purchased with generous donations from Midwest Family Broadcast and WJJO radio station. His namesake is that of Johnny Danger of the WJJO morning show. K9 Johnny was trained through Northern Michigan K9 and was originally imported from the Netherlands. Officer Donnell and K9 Johnny successfully worked the streets of Madison until K9 Johnny retired in 2015.

In March of 2013, MPD acquired K9 Krahnie. K9 Krahnie is a full-blooded female German Shepherd born in July of 2011. K9 Krahnie is named after MPD Sergeant Karen Krahn who lost her valiant battle with cancer in 2013. To honor Sergeant Krahn's distinguished career with MPD, K9 Krahnie took on Sergeant Krahn's nickname "Krahnie." K9 Krahnie came to MPD as a "Green" dog, meaning she had no previous training in police work prior to joining MPD. K9 Krahnie is the only female on the K9 team, and the only K9 on the Unit to be trained exclusively by MPD's K9 Team.