Officer Rose Mansavage

Rose & Martie

Police Officer Rose Mansavage has been with the Madison Police Department since 2005. Other positions within the police department include: patrol, Special Event Team and Community Policing Team. Her interest in the K9 unit stems from her biology background and desire to work with animals since she was a kid. Officer Mansavage started getting involved with the K9 unit as a decoy (what we affectionately refer to as "chew toys") and when an opening was available, jumped to the possibility.

Officer Mansavage was assigned to the K9 unit in 2009 and attended a four week handler course at Tarheel Kennels in Sanford, North Carolina where she was partnered up with "Martie" a Belgian Malinois from the Czech Republic. "Martie" was named after his sponsor, Animart Pet Store. After a relatively short career, K9 Martie developed a genetic disorder that rendered him partially blind. K9 Martie is still working as a narcotics dog, however, a new partner was assigned with Officer Mansavage. K9 "Falko" also came from the Czech Republic and is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois cross. He started working the streets in January 2013.

Mansavage says that her favorite part of being a K9 handler is that you get to take one of your "best friends" to work with you every day and they serve in a very therapeutic way- in addition to being such a great tool on the streets.