Officer Rose Mansavage

Rose & Martie

Police Officer Rose Mansavage has been with the Madison Police Department since 2005. Her interest in the K9 unit stems from her biology background and desire to work with animals since she was a kid. Officer Mansavage started getting involved with the K9 unit as a decoy and when an opening was available, jumped at the opportunity.

In 2009, she was partnered up her first partner; a Belgian Malinois from the Czech Republic named K9 Martie (sponsored by Animart Pet Store). Officer Mansavage and Martie worked together for about 4 years until it was determined that K9 Martie was losing his eyesight. He was diagnosed as "day blind" and currently maintains annual certification as a narcotics detecting dog.

In 2012, Officer Mansavage started training a new partner, K9 Falko, a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix also from the Czech Republic. K9 Falko and K9 Martie had a few initial/minor skirmishes, but have developed to be the best of friends. (They take turns being the "big dog" for the day and both respond to work each and every day with Mansavage).

Officer Mansavage says that her favorite part of being a K9 handler is that you get to take your "best friend" to work with you every day and they serve in a very therapeutic way, in addition to being such a great tool on the streets. K9s Martie and Falko enjoy their time off hanging out at the farm where they like to corral chickens and goats and run around like lunatics.