Officer Teresa McKenzie

Officer Teresa McKenzie & Josh

Police Officer Teresa McKenzie has been an Officer since 1986. Other positions that she has maintained within the Police Department include: Patrol, Neighborhood Officer, SOS/Blue Blanket Officer/K9 handler (now called the Dane County Narcotics Task Force), Criminal Intake Section, Traffic Specialist, and Traffic Enforcement Officer.

Having been a K9 handler prior to the official start of the K9 unit, Officer McKenzie reflects that she knew from the early days, what a great tool they are and wished that they could have done more than just drug detection back then.

Officer McKenzie was selected for the K9 Handler position in late 2009. She went to Tarheel Kennels in North Carolina and was partnered with K9 Josh on January 31, 2010. They also completed a four week handler course before returning to Madison.

K9 Josh is named for Sgt. Josh Brennan, Madison Police Officer Mike Brennan's son. Sgt. Josh Brennan was killed in the line of duty October 2007 in the Kandahar Province in Afghanistan while on patrol for the US Army.

Officer McKenzie says that "Josh is very talkative and will voice his displeasure if he doesn't think he is being treated fairly...or if he wants attention." She expresses that she enjoys being a K9 handler because she gets to work with dogs and because she can help other officers by attaining more information with use of her partner.