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UPDATED: Additional Dates - Community Corral with Madison Police Department Mounted Patrol

July 30, 2014 12:11 PM

Coming to a PARK near you!

Join the Madison Police Mounted Patrol Unit in their "Community Corral".

The Community Corral is an informal meet and greet on a scheduled date, time and location. It is a great way to 'corral' up area neighbors to say hello to the largest 4-legged members of the police department.

Northeast Madison: 7-30-14
Reindahl Park (near shelter)

Southwest Madison: 08-04-14
Hillington Triangle Park

West Madison: 08-26-14
Country Grove Park

Southeast Madison: 09-04-14
Veterans Memorial Park

North Madison: 09-17-14
Sandburg Park

West Madison: 09-30-14
Blackhawk Park

South Madison: 10-08-14
Goodman Park

Downtown Madison: 10-23-14
Central Park

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