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Incident Report for Case #2010-000000

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11/12/2010 - 4:00 PM


1901 Aberg Avenue (Wiggie's Bar)



Please refer to Case# 2010-321360






There have been a number of events occurring at 1901 Aberg Avenue (Wiggie’s Bar) relating to the quantity and scope of police calls that were thought to be problematic for residents of the neighborhood. During the early part of 2009, meetings were held with the owner of Wiggie’s bar (Dave Wiganowsky) regarding what changes needed to be made to run a safety conscious establishment while simultaneously reducing police calls for service. The overall goal of these meetings was to make general suggestions, and allow the business owner ample opportunity to correct problems that adversely affected the operation of Wiggie’s Bar.

On November 7th, 2010 a significant call involving shots being fired from a gun and a knife being displayed by patrons at Wiggie’s Bar occurred. While there were no injuries resulting from this event, concern about the overall management of Wiggie’s Bar surfaced again. Both Captain McLay and Lt. Carl Strasburg of The Madison Police Department’s North District met with Dave Wiganowsky about the November 7th, 2010 incident as well as similar past events. Out of that meeting, the Madison Police Department, with the assistance and cooperation of Dave Wiganowsky, came up with a security plan. In addition to the security plan, a newly issued liquor license showing the plan elements as conditions of the license is effective immediately. The Chief’s Security Plan for Wiggie’s Bar is as follows:

1. You are required to hire 2 licensed, uniformed security personnel to monitor your lot for noise, loitering and alcohol issues. This requirement will apply on Thursday - Saturday evenings, between 11pm and bar time. It will be the responsibility of your security and staff to actively manage behaviors in the lot. This includes, but is not limited to the following examples: loitering in the lot or in vehicles, consuming alcohol, using or selling illegal drugs, making unreasonable noise or any other behavior that is disruptive to the area or creates an atmosphere of disorder.

2. You are required to have staff actively checking patron identification at the door. It is required that the employee checking the identification is visually confirming that the person presenting the identification looks like the photograph on that ID, and is confirming the person matches the physical descriptors offered on that ID.

3. You are required to continue to maintain and utilize your video surveillance system to record activities both inside the bar and in the lot. You will meet with Captain McLay or his designee to assure adequate coverage in areas of police concern and to make adjustments as needed. You are also required to maintain the records generated by the video surveillance system and to turn them over to police upon request.

4. You are required to purchase and use ID Scanners for checking patron identification at the doors, and to share data collected at police request.

5. You are required to maintain a log of all incidents /disturbances, and to share this log with the North Police District on a weekly basis. This log will minimally include: date, time, summary of incident, the names, dates of birth and address of those involved, and whether police were notified and by whom.

6. You or your designee will meet with a representative of the North Police District on a weekly basis to review the incident log, discuss issues of concern and to assure full compliance with this Security Plan.

7. You are required to repost your lot for the following, and to monitor activities to help control problem behaviors occurring at Wiggies. These signs must be conspicuously posted, and must include:

a. No Trespassing signage and enforcement

b. No Alcohol in Lot signage and enforcement

c. No Loitering signage and enforcement

8. You will establish a Smoking Area to the rear of your lot, on the south side of the building, and will not permit loitering on the north or west sides of the business.

9. Your staff and security personnel will monitor the lot to assure full compliance with these security rules.

10. Wiggies staff and/or Mr. Wiganowsky, shall immediately notify dispatch (“911”) and request police response when any fights and/or disturbances occur inside, outside or around the licensed premises.

Strict adherence to this security plan should achieve an overall reduction in the number and types of calls to the bar which, in the past, jeopardized the safety of local residents and bar patrons alike. The goal of all corrective actions suggested above are pursuant to the provisions of Section 38.07(13), Madison General Ordinances, and are conditions of the alcohol beverage license that is extended upon the premises known as Wiggies Bar, 1901 Aberg Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin.

PO Howard Payne

Released 11/12/2010 at 4:06 PM by P.O. Howard Payne

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