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Incident Report for Case #2011-311461

Incident Type

Suspicious Person

Incident Date

11/01/2011 - 4:41 PM


Drexel Ave.


Male, age 29, Madison


None of it seemed to make sense to the investigating officer, so he probed further, but the 29-year old Drexel Ave. man clucked that he too had been doing a lot scratching, head scratching over all of this as well, and it all just seemed – well - plain weird. He had no recent breakup. No scorned lover. No trouble with a coworker. As the two talked, the resident offered the one thing that might have been a precursor: he had posted a sign in his yard a year ago. It was political in nature and showed his support for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He says the sign was vandalized, and a few weeks later strange things began to show up on his property. He explained this trend has continued, about once a month or so, usually on Thursday or Friday nights. As he continued his statement, the officer began to think: Foul play? Fowl play? Perhaps both? For frequently the monthly deposits - on his yard, or on his door step, or on his roof, or in his driveway, or on the hood of his car - have been of the chicken variety: Popeye Chicken restaurant bags, partly consumed chicken bones, and - one time – 10 to 15 chicken feet. He also said he once had a broken printer and a floor fan tossed on his roof. There did not seem to be any rhyme or reason there, but another item might have more significance, at least in regards to the variety of poultry placed. It was mid-August of this year, when the man discovered a Voodoo mask on his front door. It was made of wood with a dreadlock hairstyle. Voodoo and chicken parts are sometimes interwoven, although websites expressing some expertise on the issue indicate chickens and chicken bones can have a variety of meanings: everything from warding off evil to conjuring a curse. Determined to see who this night depositor might be, the resident installed a video surveillance system. And wouldn’t you know what night the camera would pick up the first look at the mysterious night depositor. Yes, it was Halloween. The captured images were not of a Voodoo doctor, but of someone – medium height, medium build - dressed in a chicken costume: reddish feet, light colored feathers, and a head piece that provided no clue as to who was underneath. This time, small pumpkins and gallon containers containing a sweet smelling liquid were left on the stoop. The containers were labeled: Popeye’s Chicken sweet tea. Possibly a trick, probably not a treat, but certainly, once again, more clues of fowl play. The officer is continuing to peck away at the case.

Released 11/09/2011 at 12:17 PM by PIO Joel DeSpain