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Incident Report for Case #2013-140921

Incident Type

Check Person

Incident Date

05/16/2013 - 3:11 PM


221 Meadowlark Dr. (John F. Kennedy Elementary School)


"Madison is 30 square miles surrounded by reality." It is a quote that has lived on ever since Wisconsin Governor Lee Dreyfus uttered it on the campaign trail back in 1978.

And, certainly, eclectic Capitol City characters – both past and present - help affirm the Governor's insight. If you've been around Mad City a spell, you probably remember, or know the likes of: Art the Window Washer, Snowball, Scanner Dan, Pogo Stick, Reverend Jed, the Portage Plumber, and Tunnel Bob.

More recently citizens have had to bear witness to a more controversial character: Thong Cape Scooter Man. Some have had a good giggle over his freewheeling mobility; others have not been pleased, not at all.

Such was the case last Thursday afternoon when staff members at Kennedy Elementary School, 221 Meadowlark Dr., were walking students to a bus. Passing by the school, at the exact moment, was Thong Cape Scooter Man. On this date, he sat on the saddle of his slow moving scooter clad in a black cape with red trim, a thong, a helmet, and nothing else. "All three teachers were disturbed by his actions and felt that his behavior was highly inappropriate, given the timing of school ending," wrote a MPD sergeant, when he later filed a report on the matter.

Besides children and educators, there were also a couple of parents in the area that afternoon. They asked those supervising their sons and daughters: "Are you going to handle this?" Yes the staff members were; 911 was called.

The MPD sergeant made a visit to the home of Thong Cape Scooter Man. The 56-year old was very cooperative, and told the veteran peace keeper that he had exercised poor judgment by going by the school at that time of day. He said it was unintentional, that he had been at a mall, and just happened to be traveling through the area.

He explained, to the sergeant, that he rides all around Madison, and that his journeys can easily be found on social media. "I informed him that I had familiarized myself with some of his exploits on YouTube," wrote the sergeant, in his report.

The sergeant told Thong Cape Scooter Man that he would be consulting the City Attorney's office as part of his investigation, as he wanted to know if a misdemeanor disorderly conduct citation would pass legal muster.

An assistant City Attorney got back to the sergeant, and told him there had been no violation of current ordinances.

The sergeant gave school staff the news: Thong Cape Scooter Man was free to ride on.


Released 05/24/2013 at 11:43 AM by PIO Joel DeSpain

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