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Incident Report for Case #2013-327165

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10/16/2013 - 8:32 PM


Turner Ave/Hob St


A Madison man was driving near his Turner Ave. home when he first saw the child, and he just knew something was not right. It was a dark and drizzly night with temperatures hovering in the 40's, and the young boy was on the run, barefoot, clad only pajamas. He looked frightened, and – according to dispatch notes – was sometimes screaming. The concerned 33-year old citizen attempted to make contact with the child, but the boy would only run and hide. So the man drove slowly behind him while communicating any change of direction to a 911 communicator.

A Madison Police sergeant was the first to pick up their trail. It was around 8:35 p.m. Based on initial observations, the sergeant estimated the boy at eight to ten years of age. He was wearing Green Bay Packer nightclothes and walking north, right where Turner Ave. meets Hob St. Behind the child, driving a white GMC Yukon, was the concerned caller.

The sergeant made contact with the boy and found him to be both autistic and scared. The veteran law enforcement officer was having difficulty communicating as the boy echoed back everything he was asked. He was also not interested in staying put.  "I had to take hold of his arm, which alarmed him, and then took his hand, which appeared to be better," said the sergeant. He thanked the concerned citizen, and then tried to figure out what best to do next. There were no reports of missing children at the moment, and there appeared to be no one out looking for a lost child.

"We weren't sure where to begin," said one responding officer. He and others arriving at the scene started going door-to-door trying to find someone who knew the child. "I started contacting people on Camden Road and asking them if they might know who this male juvenile was. I followed leads from citizens that led me to four different homes ... where autistic children resided, but none of them was missing," said another officer.

During the canvassing effort, the child sat in the rear of the sergeant's SUV as he drove around.  " I gave him my flashlight – which seemed to keenly interest him – and told him to shine it on his house." The boy did admire that flashlight, but never directed its beam at any particular home.

The sergeant next requested a K9 officer come to the scene. She gave the sergeant a sterile gauze pad which he was able to slip under the back collar of the green and gold pajamas for 10 minutes, picking up a scent, without the child even aware that this was taking place.  K9 Josh and his handler then attempted a reverse track, hoping it would end at the boy's home. Josh headed south for a while but eventually the scent was lost.

The time was now approaching 10:00 p.m., and the sergeant thought putting this child's plight on late newscasts might be prudent. Many tips came in as a description went out. Most were dead-ends, but one, perhaps not.

A grandmother said this sounded like this might be her grandson. The sergeant called her number and she gave him her grandchild's first name. The sergeant asked the boy if this was his name, "and this drew a response unlike before." The woman asked to speak with the boy. The sergeant held the phone to his ear. The look on the child's face instantly changed, as if he recognized the voice coming to him telephonically. The sergeant heard him say, "Love you."

Believing he now had a solid lead, the sergeant drove the child to the MPD's East District station. He took a digital photograph of the boy and emailed it to the grandmother. She knew the face immediately; it is her grandchild, and he was now on his way home. The more than 1.5 mile, little better than two-

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The grandmother of the young boy who was located wandering in his pajamas was watching the news, heard the description of the child and thought it may be her grandson. She called MPD which led to her grandson being reunited with his mother.  

Released 10/17/2013 at 12:42 AM by Lt. Marianne Flynn Statz

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