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Incident Report for Case #2013-331172

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10/18/2013 - 8:58 AM


1100 Regent Street


Patricia K. McKnight, age 54, Madison
Suspect was arrested for Disorderly Conduct While Armed, Disorderly Conduct, and for a Parole Violation.


Female, age 39, Madison


Thanks to video surveillance on both the Madison Metro bus and at the South Transfer Point, the MPD was able to identify a suspect in the hair caper. And, it turned out she continued to commit crimes after disembarking the bus. Cameras recorded the 54-year old lifting up her shirt, at least three times, and showing her chest to many men at the Transfer Point.

After positively identifying Patricia K. McKnight as the suspect, an investigating officer contacted her parole officer. A warrant was issued for her arrest, and yesterday she turned herself in.

She was shown bus and Transfer Point images and acknowledged she is the depicted woman. Ms. McKnight claimed she knew the teacher who was on the bus, and that the teacher wanted her hair trimmed. The investigation would suggest these are untruthful statements. The teacher says the suspect was a complete stranger. 

The 39-year old had been growing out her hair for three years, and until the crime it had reached a length of 18 inches. Upon examining the damage caused by the suspect, she determined two snips with the scissors had been made: one cut took off a segment or hair that was eight inches long, the other a segment that was three inches long.

Bus video shows the suspect moving into a seat behind the victim. She begins playing with the victim's ponytail, and then removes scissors from a pocket. After the victim got off the bus, audio from the surveillance video picks up someone saying: "Free haircut." The suspect high fives another passenger and begins to pick up locks of hair.

The victim told police she felt a tug on her ponytail, but at first did not know it had been cut. When she turned around, the suspect apologized and told her that she had something in her ponytail.

The victim says the crime has left her feeling very violated.

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A teacher boarded a Madison Metro Bus near Regent and Mills Street, as it headed towards the South Transfer Point on 10/18/2013.  The female suspect moved to an area directly behind the victim, and started playing with the victim's hair.  The victim felt her hair being touch, and turned around to acknowledge she did not like that, but didn't think much more about what she thought was inadvertent contact.  The victim pulled the indicator to disembark the bus, and later determined that at least 3 inches of her hair (originally 18 inches long) had been cut by the suspect with scissors! The suspect was reported to have celebrated this invasion/violation of the victim after she left the bus, and police are now following up on leads to locate the responsible party.  If anyone has any information about this incident, they are encouraged to contact the Madison Police Department.

PO Howard Payne

Released 10/25/2013 at 3:10 PM by P.O. Howard Payne

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