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Incident Report for Case #2013-350808

Incident Type


Incident Date

11/07/2013 - 2:22 AM


1754 Thierer Rd. (Motel 6)


Decotise J. Johnson, age 40
Suspect was arrested for Exposure and Disorderly Conduct




 He had his clothes on when he started staring at her in the hotel hallway. She was making her way to the vending machine last night, and found the gaze of the stranger creepy. She tried some evasive maneuvers to keep him from knowing what room was hers, but her efforts were for not. A short time later there was someone turning the knob to her room. She peeked out the peephole and could see no one. A few minutes later there was someone at the door again. This time they were "aggressively" trying to get in. She peered out once more and this time could see the man, who had earlier stared at her, now outside her door. He was nude. Alarmed, she called for security, but the man disappeared. Security came and went, and then there was pounding on her door. The naked man was back. She called the front desk again. This time police were called as staff members were also now seeing, on video surveillance, the garmentless guest romping around the hallway. When officers arrived, the room in which he was staying had been identified. The suspect did not respond to a knock at his own door, and that's because he was now asleep. Security, who wanted him evicted, allowed police in to make the arrest. Officers ordered the 40-year old out of bed and to they told him to put some clothes on. The suspect, who smelled of intoxicants, denied being naked in the hallway, indicating he was guilty of nothing more than sleeping. The whole episode left the victim feeling scared and disturbed. 

Released 11/07/2013 at 1:12 PM by PIO Joel DeSpain

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