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Incident Report for Case #2013-351287

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11/07/2013 - 2:28 PM


620 S. Whitney Way (Copps Food Center)


Beverly J. Clayton, age 49, Madison
Suspect was arrested for Retail Theft - 2 counts and on a Probation Hold.


"This is the oldest trick in the book," the Walgreens employee would later tell investigating officers. He was talking about the woman who pushed a baby stroller into his S. Whitney Way workplace yesterday afternoon.

She had no infant, no toddler - no child at all. The pharmacy associate watched as the suspect filled the stroller with diapers and detergent, covering some merchandise with a blanket. He confronted the 49-year old Madison woman as she tried to leave without paying. He demanded she turn over the nearly $90 worth of ill-gotten merchandise.

Having failed once, the woman decided to try the ploy again, and pushed her stroller into nearby Copps Food Center. There, she attempted to return some detergent, even though she had no receipt. It was right about this time that the Walgreen's victim was calling over to Copps letting staff know about the woman. He believed she may still be in possession of a bottle of shoplifted detergent.

Police were called, and responding officers asked the suspect if they could have a look in her stroller. They found two bottles: one containing detergent, the other tequila. The suspect, claimed the booze was hers, saying she had gotten the liquor from a bootlegger. It has been decades since the Capitol city has seen traditional bootlegging, and an officer told the woman as much. Her reply: "You don't know Madison."

The officer countered that indeed he does, and the only bootlegging these days has nothing to do with a still or rum-running, and everything to do with criminals stealing alcohol from area stores and re-selling it on the streets.

Eventually, the woman said he was right. She admitted she had stolen the libation, and planned to hand it over to such a modern day "bootlegger" for some cash.

An officer checked the woman's criminal history, and observed numerous past arrests, including retail thefts, a crime for which she is currently on probation.

Her attempt at bootlegging with a baby carriage will now be added to the tally.

Released 11/08/2013 at 11:01 AM by PIO Joel DeSpain

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