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Incident Report for Case #2014-37071

Incident Type


Incident Date

02/05/2014 - 6:45 AM


1300 block Williamson St.


Andrew K. Schmitt, age 44, Madison
Suspect was arrested for 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety and on a probation hold.


Male, age 50, Madison


Incident epilogue:

Following the apprehension, an arresting officer submitted an MPD employee recognition form to be placed in his sergeant's personnel file. In the narrative, the officer talks about the moment - inside a Williamson St. retailer - when the man was taken into custody:

"Unfortunately for the suspect, he had just opened a tub of his favorite lemon flavored Greek yogurt, which he was about to enjoy when officers arrived. As he was about to be escorted out, the suspect realized that he was soon to part with his beloved yogurt, and politely requested a taste before being taken to jail. Unbeknownst to the suspect, fortune had smiled upon him when he crossed the path of (the MPD) sergeant. Our kindhearted and benevolent leader then picked up the yogurt, procured a plastic spoon, and proceeded to spoon feed the entire container of yogurt to our arrestee as he was escorted out of the store."

The officer said store management and passersby were impressed by the act of humanity, and that the arrested man was also touched.

"He (the sergeant) must have children ... he was so gentle," the suspect told the arresting officer.

The officer concluded his recognition form with this:

"We talk a lot at MPD about building bridges and turning frowns upside down, but the care and concern that (the MPD sergeant) showed our suspect was truly extraordinary and deserving of department recognition. "

The suspect was located and arrested Wednesday afternoon. He claims the victim owes him money for past shoveling jobs, and that he was the one attacked. He says he acted in self defense. The suspect was carrying a large kitchen knife in a bag, and had a box cutter and a utility knife in his pockets when he was taken into custody in the 1200 block of Williamson St. The sharp-edge instruments were taken to the Central District Property Room for safekeeping as the suspect went to jail.  

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By the time the clouds cleared this morning, there just wasn't enough snow. This was not going to be a two-man job.

A 50-year old independent contractor, who makes money shoveling snow, does have an assistant who lends a hand when accumulations are more significant. Such was not the case with what had lightly fallen overnight. He phoned his occasional colleague, a 44-year old Madison man, and told him to stay home.

He then got to work on a sidewalk outside of a client's Williamson St. business. It was around 6:45 a.m., when he looked up to see his periodic helper coming toward him. He described the other man as looking "pumped" and angry. In the moments that followed, the victim was pushed down into a snow bank as the suspect brandished a small paring knife. The agitated man believed he had been intentionally left out of a morning's shoveling wages, and he expressed this thought with some vulgarity as he cut the victim's face with the knife. It left superficial lacerations. Before the suspect took off, he also whacked the victim a couple of times with a plastic snow shovel. His time to time workmate was now curled in a fetal position as he attempted to avoid further injury.

Madison Fire Department paramedics checked the victim out, and determined he would not need to go to a hospital. Responding officers found the knife and the suspect's sunglasses, but they have yet to locate him. When they do, he will be arrested for 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety.  

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