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Incident Report for Case #2018-215293

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06/11/2018 - 12:00 PM


4000 block Mandan Crescent


57-year-old female of Madison Wisconsin


An officer from The Madison Police Department responded to a residence, in the 4000 block of Mandan Crescent, reference a telephone scam.  The victim received a phone call, from a number that was reflected on her caller ID as "Dane County", and a male voice purported to be a deputy with the Dane County Sheriff's Office.  He began to suggest that due to missing her jury duty obligations, she was now facing a warrant for her arrest!
The threat of detaining the victim was levied by the male subject, but he convinced the victim that since she had been a good citizen, he would allow her the option of posting her bail as a monetary alternative.  Using "Visa debit cards" was the preferred method of payment by the male caller, and he even went so far as to tell the victim to obtain them from any grocery store; not to allow any sales cashier to ask questions of why they were being purchased. 
The victim made a trip to her local bank, withdrew $800, and went immediately to a grocery store to purchase the Visa debit cards.  Once she obtained the cards, she returned home and called the suspect; giving him all required numbers to use the $800 recently secured by the victim.  This victim also gave the male caller/suspect other personal information.
The Madison Police Department wants to remind individuals that no law enforcement agency would conduct business of this nature over the phone.  You should NEVER give any personal or identifying information over the phone, as you cannot confirm or verify with whom you are speaking.  These kinds of scams may seem believable to some, especially if the suspect has information about you, but people should be incredulous in these kinds of scenarios. 
You can always call law enforcement, by using information that you research (White pages, internet, etc.), but never rely upon the information that the scammer provides you!  Advanced technology has made it quite easy for suspect(s) to pull off these types of incidents, and verifying information "Before you act on such fraudulent demands" is absolutely imperative.  The public should also know that the same technology that makes it possible to create fake phone numbers, that are not able to be traced back to a specific location/person, make is next to impossible for law enforcement to investigate said situations.
PO Howard Payne  

Released 06/12/2018 at 4:56 PM by P.O. Howard Payne

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