Detective Kelly Beckett

Kelly Beckett

Kelly Beckett has been employed by the Madison Police Department for 8 years where she has served as both a patrol officer and a neighborhood officer. She was promoted to detective in 2010 and currently works out of the South District station. Detective Beckett investigates sensitive and persons crimes, with a particular focus on crimes against children. She joined the MPD's technology committee in 2009 and focused on educating community members about social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Since that time, she has expanded her areas of interests to include Cyberbullying and online solicitation of children and she enjoys talking with parents and teachers about the benefits and dangers of living in an internet-based society.

Prior to joining the Madison Police Department, Detective Beckett received graduate degrees in both Environmental Science and Educational Psychology. Her research focus was on determining how children come to understand concepts in ecology and how that understanding can inform their environmental and social decision making, as well as their understanding of ecological relationships.

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