Officer Chanda Dolsen

Chanda Dolsen

I joined the Madison Police Department in 2006 after serving 8 years as an Indiana State Trooper. Since joining MPD I have worked in patrol services at the East District Station, Central District Station and the South District Station. I have participated in the Mentor Program, Officer Advisory Committee, Central District Gang Liaison, the State Street Neighborhood Officer (2009-2011), and assisted with academy/new recruit training. I am currently assigned to patrol services in the South District Station.

In 2010 I helped organize the MPD Technology Team. Over the course of the last 3 years we have presented to hundreds of people including police officers, teachers, parents, and children. I joined the team for several reasons but the most important was to become better educated for my own children. I am not an expert but I am experienced and educated about technology safety & prevention.

I look forward to presenting to your group and working together to create a safer community. Thank you.

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