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Goodman Maintenance Facility

The new Goodman Maintenance Facility will be LEED certified and includes the following green features:


A well-designed VAV system was installed and commissioned. It incorporates high efficiency boilers, premium efficiency variable speed pumps and fans, heat recovery ventilators and high efficient AC units with non-ozone depleting refrigerant. Commissioning ensures installation and proper function of equipment as designed.


New T5 and T8 lighting with automatic controls was installed in order to keep lighting related energy consumption low and to reduce the load on the air conditioning system.

Daylighting strategies were also incorporated.

Recycling and Waste Management

75% of the old facility was integrated into the new facility in order to reduce construction waste and use of new material, which saves natural resources for both manufacturing and hauling. All construction waste management is LEED compliant with reduction in waste generated and maximizing the reuse of materials thereby minimizing transportation needs. Ninety percent of construction waste was diverted from landfills. Most of the material is from local sources with some materials (ceiling tile, rubber flooring) also having a high recycled-content. Certified wood from sustainable forests was use throughout.

Stormwater Reduction

A raingarden was installed to use stormwater to refill the aquifer as opposed to overloading the stormwater system and polluting lakes and rivers. The parking lot received stormwater collectors, which were not required by the authorities.

Water Efficiency

Landscaping was designed for minimal maintenance and water use.

Reduced Heat Island Effect

A reflective surface covers the roof reducing both heat island effect and cooling load.

Indoor Air Quality

Air exchange rates are above code and ASHRAE requirements and the building was purged for 72 hours before occupancy and during the first 2 weeks of occupancy to enable removal of remaining VOC. VOC-content of used paint, adhesive and flooring material was recorded and use of materials with VOC was minimized.