The City of Madison Common Council recently created a committee of 7 residents and 4 alderpersons to examine whether changes to city government could help make the City work more effectively for all of its residents, and, particularly, for people of color and low income.

In its initial meetings, the committee, known as The Task Force on Government Structure, posed the basic question: How do we want to be governed?

Madison is asking this question now because our city is changing. With the 2020 census and pending annexations of nearby towns, we will consider redrawing city alder district boundaries. Additionally, no formal committee has examined the city's government structure since the 1980s.

The Task Force will examine specific issues related to the current structure and powers of:

  • The Common Council;
  • The Mayor’s Office; and
  • The City’s Boards, Commissions, and Committees.

In addition to considering whether changes might improve the City’s current government structure, the Task Force will also discuss alternative government structures that might better serve the City’s residents.

In the spirit of Madison’s long tradition of resident participation in City government, the Task Force will hold public meetings at least one time per month and will engage in a robust public participation process so that residents can offer their perspective on what could make government more effective. After receiving public input, the Task Force will prepare a Report to the Common Council with recommendations for how City government could be changed to work more effectively for all of its residents.

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