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automatic bill payment

ACH Enrollment Form (pdf)


Why sign up for Automatic Bill Payment?

By signing up for our Automatic Clearing House (ACH) bill payment plan, your water bill will be automatically deducted from the checking or savings account of your choice.

Will I still receive a bill?

Yes.  Your bill will be mailed to you, or you can go paperless by signing up for e-bills.  You will be able to review your bill  and notify us if you have any questions.  If for any reason there is a dispute, you may contact MWU prior to the automatic withdrawal date to resolve the dispute before payment is withdrawn.

How do I discontinue participation in the program?

A written request at least 30 days in advance of the next scheduled payment is necessary to terminate your automatic payment.

What happens if I move? How do I end or transfer my ACH enrollment?

Your ACH enrollment will automatically end with your final bill on a move out. If you would like to continue your ACH enrollment at a new address, you must complete a new form for that account.

How do I sign up?

Complete the ACH form, sign it, and return it by mail or fax to the Madison Water Utility.

When will my Automatic Bill Payment begin?

Automatic withdrawal will begin with the next billing cycle. Please continue to pay your bill until “You are on our PRE-AUTHORIZED PAYMENT PLAN” appears on your statement.  

What happens if there are insufficient funds in my account?

Any uncollectible amounts will be charged a $25.00 Non-sufficient Fund Charge.

View Your Account Online

Madison Water Utility invites you to use a new online feature called MyWater.

MyWater allows you to:

  • Check the current balance of your account.
  • View amount of previous billings and payments.
  • View a history of your water use and meter readings.
  • Sign up to receive electronic bills (no paper copy will be sent).
  • Provide a link for online payment.
  • Use the Ask Us/Tell Us feature to ask a question or report a problem.