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The purpose of the board, on behalf of the residents of Madison, is to ensure that the Madison Water Utility:

  • provides consumers with an adequate quantity of high quality water for consumption and fire protection at a reasonable financial and environmental cost; and

  • manages groundwater resources and the water delivery system so future generations of city residents continue to have an excellent water supply.



The board issues an annual report to the Common Council and general public.

2012-2013 Annual Report













2012-2013 Madison Water Utility Annual Report



The board has developed and adopted a series of broad written policies. The Water Utility Board Policy Book includes four major policy categories:

Outcomes Policies define the direction and expected results of the utility.

Executive Limitations
Policies establish financial and ethical boundaries for the utility's activities and decisions.

Board–Executive Delegation Policies define the relationships and boundaries between the board, the General Manager, and utility staff.

Board Process Policies define the roles and responsibilities of  board members.



Visit the Legislative Center Calendar and choose Water Utility Board from the meeting body list to view archived agendas, minutes. The calendar also provides links to archived audio recordings of meetings when they are available.


2014 Meeting Dates

Tuesday, January 28

Wednesday, February 26

Tuesday, March 25

Wednesday, April 30

Tuesday, May 27

Tuesday, June 24

Tuesday, July 22

Tuesday, August 26

Tuesday, September 23

Tuesday, October 28

Tuesday, November 25

Dates are subject to change. Most board meetings are held at 4:30 p.m. at 119 East Olin Avenue (Madison Water Utility offices). Board meeting agendas are available five days prior to a meeting.


CONTACTING THE Water Utility Board

To contact the Water Utility Board you can:


The Water Utility Board is described by State statute and City ordinance. It is made up of seven voting members and the Director of Public Health (or his/her designee) as an ex-officio member. The board is charged with authority for managing and operating the Madison Water Utility, under the general direction of the City of Madison Common Council. The Mayor appoints and the Common Council confirms board members for terms of five years for citizen members (with staggered appointment dates) and two years for the alder members; the Director of Public Health's appointment is ongoing. A quorum of the Board consists of four members.



Madeline Gotkowitz, President

Occupation: Hydrogeologist, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey
First appointed: October 20, 2009
Term expires: September 30, 2014

Bruce Mayer, Vice President
Occupation: Accountant, Wegner LLP
First appointed: November 18, 2008
Term expires: September 30, 2018

Larry Nelson, Secretary
Occupation: Retired, City Engineer

First appointed: June 21, 2011

Term expires:  September 30, 2015

Patrick Delmore, Board Member

Occupation:  Assistant Professor, Edgewood College School of Education

First Appointed:  July 2, 2013

Term Expires:  September 30, 2017

P. Michael DePue, Board Member

Occupation:  Civil Engineer and Certified Floodplain Manager

First Appointed:  December 13, 2011

Term Expires:  September, 30, 2016

Lauren Cnare, Alder Board Member
First appointed: May 3, 2005
Term expires: April 21, 2015

Anita Weier , Alder Board Member

First appointed:  April 16, 2013

Term expires: April 21, 2015

Doug Voegeli, Ex-Officio Board Member

Occupation: Director of Environmental Health, Public Health of Madison and Dane County