Large main break on Park St. causes low pressure & discolored water across much of the city

A private contractor working on Park St. near Erin hit and ruptured a 12-inch city water main. The break caused a major drop...

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Main break on Old Sauk & Blue Ridge Pkwy now repaired

If have discolored water, here are the steps you should take:

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E-billing and online water use tracking is once again available!

Madison Water Utility’s Customer Care web page is back online. From our Customer Care page you can...

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To our e-billing and water use tracking customers

As you've no doubt noticed, our Customer Care page has been down for some time. The software we use for e-billing and displaying water usage data is..

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Some customers experiencing discolored water

Due to an unexpected pressure drop in our system, customers living in or near the Vilas neighborhood may be experiencing discolored water.

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