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Old well pipe in yard











Eventually, chemicals and pollutants dumped on the ground will make their way to our aquifer. That’s why Madison Water Utility has created an ongoing Wellhead Protection Program to identify specific areas for each of our wells where groundwater contributes to the well water supply. We are working with the City of Madison to establish measures that prohibit or restrict future activities in those zones that could contaminate groundwater.





  • If an unused private well is on your property, have it safely abandoned under guidelines set by the DNR. Many private wells were dug so long ago, they’ve been forgotten about.


      Here are some long-forgotten private wells we've found across Madison:


Basement pipe for private well

Yard pipe for private well

Yard pipe for private well






Yard pipe for private well

Basement pipe for private well

Private well pipeline in yard






Thinking about the future

Let’s love our aquifer like we love our lakes. Help ensure that a safe, reliable water supply is here for generations of Madisonians to come. Head to our indoor and outdoor conservation pages for more tips on sustainable water use.

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