Madison Water Utility rate case delayed

Friday, April 13, 2018 - 9:40am

New rates for Madison Water Utility customers have been delayed by as much as six months. The utility filed a rate application with the Public Service Commission last October and notified customers that they could see an increase on their bills this spring. However, the timeline has been pushed back, and it will likely be this fall before any new rates go into effect.

Madison Water Utility charges represent around 35% of the total average residential Municipal Services Bill – or about $19 a month. Other charges and fees like sewer, landfill, urban forestry, and storm water are not part of this rate case and are not levied by Madison Water Utility. If approved, this will be the first increase in Madison’s water charges in three years.

Currently, the utility is looking at a 23% increase overall. But that number could change slightly, and it has not been determined how the increase will be spread out among customer classes (commercial, industrial, residential, multi-family, and public authority). Residential customers could see an increase between $3 and $7 per month.

The funds would offset costs to replace deteriorating water mains, reconstruct aging wells, and improve water quality. The increase would also help the utility recover lost revenue due to the closure of the Oscar Mayer plant.


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