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Lake View Water Tower


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The tower design (below - click to enlarge) and landscape plan have been passed by the Urban Design Commission and were reviewed by the Board of Public Works. On July 15, 2014, Madison's Common Council passed an Authorization to Construct so the utility can begin the process of receiving bids.

Latest Lakeview Reservoir design





























Lake View Reservoir (1320 Lake View Avenue) provides water storage and fire protection to a large portion of the Lake View Hill Neighborhood Association.  It was built in 1938 to supply water to the Lake View Sanatorium.  This reservoir is undersized and has reached the end of its useful life.  We propose to construct a larger reservoir, as well as utilize the site to improve water storage to the remainder of the city’s north side.

You can find more information on the history of Lake View Reservoir and the park that surrounds it on our Inside MWU page.


MWU invites you provide us with input and feedback on this project through participation on a Citizen's Advisory Panel (CAP). Through this participatory process, citizens help us develop high quality projects. If you would like to participate on the CAP, please contact us at


Why is the project needed?

The existing reservoir is too small and has reached the end of its useful life. Additionally, the Utility’s Master Plan identified a need for additional water storage on the north side for reliability and fire protection. The proposed project could satisfy both of these needs in a single project at the existing site.


Will the new tank be the same size and height?

The proposed new tank will be the same height as the existing tank. However, at 55,000 gallons, the current reservoir is undersized and does not meet current water storage and fire protection standards. The new tank will be larger.

We are working with a Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP) to evaluate different alternatives for a two-zone reservoir that would provide 300,000 gallons to meet current and future fire protection requirements for Pressure Zone 5, and 1 million gallons to the north end of Pressure Zone 6E.


What area does the reservoir serve?

The existing reservoir serves Pressure Zone 5, approximately 190 homes and a portion of the Dane County facility. A map of the service area is included below:

Lake View Reservoir service area












The proposed two zone reservoir would serve Zone 5 and also the surrounding area, which is part of Pressure Zone 6E.


What is the project’s anticipated schedule?

The project is currently under design. It is expected that the design will be completed, reviewed and ready to bid in the spring of 2014. Construction is expected to begin in August 2014 and be complete in the summer of 2015.


How much will this project cost?

The Water Utility has budgeted $3 million dollars for the replacement of the reservoir itself, and an additional $2 million dollars for booster station improvements and upgrades to the water mains that serve the immediate area.



Will there be antennas on the new tower?

Due to the elevation of the site, this location is particularly attractive to cell companies. The cell carrier lease payments are shared 50/50 between Dane County and the City of Madison. Dane County allocates the money for park care and maintenance projects. The Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 and Madison General Ordinance 28.143 encourages the joint use of tower sites and makes it difficult to reject telecommunication requests.

The City of Madison also has its own telecommunication equipment located here, including antennas that transmit emergency 911 calls.


What is the role of the Citizen Advisory Panel (CAP)?

The role of the CAP includes:

  • Reviewing proposals, recommendations, and technical reports for the project and providing feedback.
  • Gathering advice, comments, and other input from neighbors and other community members.
  • Assisting in the organization of public meetings and in communicating project issues.
  • Making recommendations to the Water Utility Board. The Board considers CAP advisories in its review and approval of project milestones.


If I volunteer for the CAP, what is the time commitment?

Much of the work of the CAP is through email and reviewing information that we’ve published online. The CAP will meet 3 to 5 times at key milestones to discuss specific issues, review drawings, etc. The busiest time for the CAP will likely be as we are developing and selecting alternatives for the project. This is expected to take place from September 2013 to June 2014.


CGC, Inc. completed the subsurface exploration program for the new Lake View Reservoir and issued a geotechnical report on 5/16/14.


A Public Hearing was held before the Water Utility Board on April 30, 2014 in the Water Utility conference room at 119 East Olin Ave. The hearing was for acceptance of the design concept for the replacement reservoir.


A public meeting was held Thursday, April 24, 2014 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at the Warner Park Community Center Room #3, 1625 Northport Dr.


A CAP meeting was held regarding the Lake View Reservoir Two Zone System on April 10, 2014 at the Dane County Department of Human Services Building, 1202 Northport Dr.


A public hearing was held before the Water Utility Board on Jan. 28, 2014. Board members voted unanimously to move forward with the design of a two-zone reservoir concept (below). The Board directed the Utility to include Cor-ten steel as an option in the bidding (Cort-en steel develops a rust-like coating when exposed to the elements and could eliminate the need for painting the water tower).


2 reservoir concept drawing














A Public Meeting was held January 15, 2014 at the Warner Park Community Recreation Center at 1625 Northport Dr. 


A CAP meeting was held December 11, 2013 at the Dane County Human Services Building at 1202 Northport Dr to further discuss the two-zone reservoir concept. 


A CAP meeting was held October 30, 2013, at the Dane County Human Services Building at 1202 Northport Dr. 


A Public Information Meeting was held on Sept. 5, 2013, on-site at Lake View Reservoir, 1320 Lake View Avenue


At the 8/27/2013 meeting of the Water Utility Board, Water Utility staff made a recommendation that Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc. be retained to supply engineering services for the Lake View Reservoir project.  The Water Utility Board voted to send the recommendation to the Common Council for consideration at their 9/3/2013 meeting.  The Council then granted approval for awarding the contract to SEH.


Madison Water Utility has requested statements of qualifications for professional engineering design services for the Lakeview Reservoir (Reservoir 113) Two Zone System.  Engineering Design Consulting Firms wishing to be considered for this project were required to submit 4 copies of their statement of qualifications per the requirements of the detailed Request for Proposal by August 16th, 2013.