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Crews drill new water well on Madison's southeast side

(Photo: Water gushes from the well bore hole after explosives are

detonated below ground to increase water flow)


Project Engineer: Adam Wiederhoeft, (608) 266-9121


Madison Water Utility, Engineering Section: (608) 266-4646


An initial public meeting about construction of Madison's newest well took place on September 3rd, 2014, at the construction site.

Meeting Handouts - Map of Pressure Zone 4 and nearby neighborhoods

                                 Possible site layout alternatives


On December 15, 2009, the Madison Water Utility Board voted to drill a new well to solve fire protection and water supply redundancy problems in the area known as Pressure Zone 4, which serves areas in east and southeast Madison. Pressure Zone 4 is currently supplied by a single source, Unit Well 9, which makes the zone vulnerable to service interruptions. This Zone is also expanding rapidly to the southeast, away from Unit Well 9, making it difficult to move water efficiently and effectively to where it is needed.

You can find more pictures and background on the Well 31 project on our Inside MWU page.


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Additional Information:

A pumping test was completed in February 2014. We ran the well at full capacity, pumping 2,200 gallons per minute for 14 days (see a brief video clip here). The Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey then did a physical logging of the 915 ft well bore hole to determine characteristics of surrounding geological formations.



On July 2m 2013, the Common Council awarded a contract to Municipal Well & Pump to drill a new Unit Well (Unit Well 31).  Drilling began in October 2013 at the selected site at 4901 Tradewinds Pkwy and was completed two months later. 

On August 2, 2011 The City of Madison Common Council awarded Public Works Contract 6729, Pressure Zone 4 Test Well, to Municipal Well & Pump for $84,751.

On September 6, 2011 The Madison Common Council authorized the City to execute an agreement with Genesis Commons LLC for an option to purchase Lot 9 of the Genesis Plat subject to the drilling of a successful test well. The address of this parcel is 4901 Tradewinds Parkway.


A public hearing was held before the Water Utility Board Wednesday, 4/27/11 at the Madison Water Utility Conference Room to discuss the purchase of a site for a new well.


A public meeting was held Thursday, 3/31/11 at LaFollette High School to update the
community on the project and get further input on the areas being considered for siting the well.


A Zone 4 Water Supply Augmentation CAP Meeting was held Thursday, 2/24/11 in Conference Room A & B at the Madison Water Utility Main Office, 119 E Olin Ave.

A Public Meeting was held 11/10/10 at LaFollette High School to update the community on the Pressure Zone 4 Water Supply Augmentation Project and get input on the areas being considered for siting a new water supply well on the Southeast side of Madison.