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Drilled in 1945, Well 8 is a seasonal well that normally operates between May and October. During summer months, it primarily serves Schenk-Atwood and Emerson East neighborhoods, and Marquette area homes east of the Yahara River. Seasonal operation of the well allows the utility to meet higher summer water demand while reducing customer impact due to the high iron and manganese levels in the source water. Iron levels at Well 8 currently exceed the recommended level, or secondary maximum contaminant level (SMCL), and manganese is near the SMCL. The SMCL is a guideline established by the EPA for substances that impact the aesthetic quality (taste, odor, or appearance) but not the safety of the water.

Following review of the water supply and water quality needs of the east side, it was
recommended that iron and manganese filters be constructed at Well 8. Construction of filters would allow this well to be used to a greater capacity.

Volunteers are requested to serve on the Citizen’s Advisory Panel (CAP) for this project. Your participation would be greatly appreciated. Contact the Utility at 608-266-4651 or email if you are interested.


Well 8 and Madison Kipp

Degreasing solvents were used at Madison-Kipp Corporation for many years. This use has resulted in soil and groundwater contamination in the vicinity of the plant. A substantial plume of PCE-contaminated groundwater has been found under the factory. More information is available on the WDNR website.

Currently neither PCE (tetrachloroethylene) nor TCE (trichloroethylene) have been detected at Well 8. The Water Utility had planned to install a monitoring or sentry well near Elmside Circle Park in 2012; however, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which is overseeing the investigation at Madison-Kipp, has advised the utility to delay installation until more of that investigation work is complete. When installed, a monitoring well will provide additional insights into the quality of groundwater located between the contamination source and the municipal well.


Public meetings were held on Monday, April 16, 2012 at the Goodman Community Center and Thursday, April 19 at the Warner Park Community Recreation Center for the Well 7, Well 8, and East Isthmus Replacement Well projects.


A CAP Meeting was held on Monday, March 26 at the East Madison Community Center.


A CAP meeting was held on Thursday, March 15 at the East Madison Community Center.

A Well 7 and Well 8 CAP meeting was held on Monday, February 27 at the Goodman Community Center.

A Public Meeting on Iron and Manganese Filtration for Wells 7 and 8 was held on Tuesday, January 31 at the Goodman Community Center.

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