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Lead Replacement Program

Lead Water Service Replacement


Water Quality Section, (608) 266-4654 or

Madison’s drinking water source does not contain significant amounts of lead. The corrosive nature of water, however, can dissolve or corrode lead through its contact with water service lines, interior pipes, and plumbing fixtures. Lead in drinking water can cause a variety of adverse health effects, especially for infants and children.

We have completed a successful 11-year program to ensure all lead water service lines in the city are replaced. Except for a small number of owner-side lead services, all known lead service lines in the City of Madison have been removed from service. Following the conclusion of the lead service line replacement program, required monitoring conducted in 2011 demonstrated lower lead levels at the customer tap.

Our lead service replacement program's success has served as a national model for other utilities seeking alternatives to chemical treatment to meet federal standards for lead in drinking water.


Process to get A Lead Service Replaced

  1. The Property owner is responsible for retaining a licensed plumber to replace any lead water service line on the property.
  2. The plumber is responsible for the Permit to Excavate in the Public Right of Way and the Application for Water Service.
  3. The plumber must then schedule the replacement with Madison Water Utility.

Cost Reimbursement

Some property owners are eligible for partial reimbursement for the cost of replacing their lead service line. Fifty percent of the cost of the replacement, up to a maximum reimbursement of $1,000, is reimbursed to the property owner following completion of the work and submittal of a completed application form and payment receipt from the plumber. Contact us at (608) 266-4651 for more information.