Lake View Water Main Upgrades

Now that the new Lake View Water Tower is in service, Madison Water Utility will begin the second phase of upgrading water mains to support the new, larger reservoir. The project has been awarded to the low bidder, Speedway Sand & Gravel Inc.

Project Areas

  • Construction is set to begin late May or early June.
  • Work in and adjacent to Lake View Hill Park should be completed by September 1st 2017.
  • Work on Melby Drive and Mandrake Road should be completed no later than December 1st 2017.
Lake View Project Map

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Latest News:

  • The first section of water main has been installed and has been in service as of June 26th. This main is identified as Area 2 on the map above; the connection between the new reservoir and the existing distribution system at the intersection of Esch Lane and Longview Street.


  • The contractor intends to begin work on Area 1 beginning at Northport Drive the week on July 10th. Work in this area will continue through the end of August.


  • With the Esch Lane connection in service, we can now bring more customers into the higher pressure zone surrounding the reservoir. This will provide customers with lower pressure an increase of approximately 20 to 25 psi. The conversion is planned for the week of July 17th. Approximately 50 more customers will have their pressure increased in the late fall of 2017 when the entire water main installation is completed. The map below shows the areas being brought into the higher pressure zone. Click here to view the notice sent to affected customers.Zone 5 Expansion Map
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Project Overview

Approved budget: $828,000
New water mains are planned for three areas (above) 

  1. Replace the undersized, 78 year-old water main between the reservoir/booster station and Northport Dr. with new, 16-inch main.
  2. Create a new 12-inch connection from the water tower to the northern service area at the intersection of Longview St. and Esch Lane.  Dane County has approved the route through their property; an easement to the City street right-of-way has been purchased from private property owners.
  3. Add new 8-in residential-sized main to enlarge the north service area and replace old, break-prone main along Mandrake Rd. and Melby Drive.  All work will occur in the public right-of-way.

Water Main Upgrade Project FAQ’s

  1. Why is this project needed? 
    The newly reconstructed Lakeview Reservoir replaced an existing reservoir that was too small and had reached the end of its useful life. The service area requires 300,000 gallons of water storage for emergency and fire fighting reserves. Additionally, our Master Plan identified a need for an additional one million gallons of water storage on the north side for system reliability and fire protection. The new reservoir satisfies both of these needs in a single project at the existing site. The proposed water main installation replaces an old and undersized transmission main to and from the new reservoir and makes other needed water main improvements in the service area. 
  2. When will the project occur? 
    The water main installation is slated for the 2017 construction season.
  3. Why can’t the water main be installed underneath the stone wall or bat hibernarium? 
    We had extensive soil borings performed and there is very hard and very shallow bedrock throughout the site.  The distance between the bottom of these features and the top of bedrock does not allow enough room for the installation of large diameter water main.


Past Meetings/ Additional Information

  • A public meeting on the Lake View Hill Park water main construction was held on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm.
  • A construction notice was sent out to residents within and adjacent to the construction limits on May 5, 2017.
  • The agreement between Dane County and Madison Water Utility to install the proposed water main in Lake View Hill Park along the southeastern property line has been finalized through easement documents recorded in May 2017. In addition to water main installation, the approved work includes dismantling and rebuilding a portion of the stone wall, minor tree removals, brush clearing and restoration of disturbed paved and landscaped areas.