About the Project

In 2017, Madison Water Utility will spend about $12 million to replace 8 miles of aging water main across the city and install 4 miles of new main. Some water main projects are part of larger street replacement projects in coordination with City Engineering.

Location Project Name Limits                        Possible Start Date Pipe Age
North Lakeview Pipelines - Melby/Mandrake Mandrak: Northland to Reinke
Melby: Mandrake to Northview
06/15/2017 1958
North John Wall & Graaskamp   TBD New
East Walter/Sargent Sargent: Walter to Dennett
Walter: Milwaukee to Hargrove
Underway 1948
East Douglas, Lamont, Acacia, Louden Douglas Tr: Groveland to Herro
Lamont: Louden to Kvamme
Acacia: Groveland to Kvamme
Louden: Douglas to Acacia
Kvamme: Pflaum to Tompkins
07/15/2017 1950
East S. Stoughton Rd Service Rd, Blossom Stoughton: Blossom to End 06/15/2017 1965
East Remington Stoughton to C & NW Railroad 07/1/2017 1965
West County Highway PD (DOT) Maple Grove to Meriter Way 06/01/2017 New
West Watts/Harvest Moon Watts: South Point to End
Harvest Moon: South Point to Watts
04/30/2017 New
West Whitney Way/Odana Odana to Schroeder Rd. 04/28/2017 New
West Sunset Ct. South Sunset, West Sunset, East Sunset, North Sunset 06/01/2017 1939
West Yuma Dr. Nakoma to Midvale 05/15/2017 1937
West County Highway M (DOT) Cross Country to Valley View 09/01/2017 New
West Sheboygan Ave. Segoe to Whitney Way 07/01/2017  
West Central Grand, Van Hise, Park, Mason Grand: Park Pl to University
Mason: Grand to Farley
Van Hise: Grand to Farley
Park Pl: Grand to Farley
Underway 1919
West Central Gregory, Sprague, Sheldon Gregory: Sheldon to Baltzell
Sprague: Gregory to Monroe
Sheldon: Fox to Sprague
Underway 1916
Central Woodrow St. Monroe to Edgewood Underway 1919
Central Cap. Square - South W. Wash to E. Wash Underway 1882
Central Langdon Street N. Lake st to N. Carroll 08/01/2017 1882
Central N. Bassett, Conklin, N Henry Alley Bassett: Dayton to Gorham
Conklin: Conklin to University 
07/15/2017 1946
Central Hamilton, Butler, Dayton, Regas Hamilton: Johnson to Gorham
Butler: Johnson to Gorham
Dayton: Blount to Livingston (delayed)
07/15/2017 1905, 1958
Central Wilson (MLK - S. Hamilton) Service Reconnects Only 06/12/2017  
Central Wilson/Williamson (Franklin-Blount)   08/28/2017