Recycle Old Read-o-Matic Units

Once your Project H2O system has been installed, the old Read-o-Matic unit on the outside of your home will no longer be connected and can be removed.

Read-o-Matic unit

The unit cannot be placed into your recycling bin, but you can bring it to the nearest City of Madison electronics recycling drop off site.

More information on Project H2O

The City of Madison Alders submitted a guest editorial to the Capital Times on the Reasons they Support Project H2O. It was published August 30, 2012.

General Manager Tom Heikkinen, Customer Service Manager Robin Piper, and Jeff Lafferty of Public Health Madison & Dane County were guests on the August 22,2012 episode of WISC-TV's For the Record to discuss Project H2O.

General Manager Tom Heikkinen has submitted a letter to the editors of the Capital Times in response to the August 1, 2012 article "Not in my home: 'Smart meter' foes push for the right to opt out of having one."