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FIRST QUARTER: 7/15/09-10/18/09

  • Establish roles
  • Identify Steering Committee
  • Appoint Steering Committee
  • Orient Madison Arts Commission
  • Seat Steering Committee/conduct first meeting
  • Negotiate IT presence
  • Design surveys and toolkit

SECOND QUARTER: 10/18/09-1/18/10

  • Finalize IT presence
  • Negotiate mayor’s participation
  • Mount surveys and Toolkit
  • Refine public participation plan with Steering Committee
  • Prepare roundtable hosts’ materials
  • Secure roundtable hosts
  • Design surveys and toolkit

THIRD QUARTER: 1/18/10-4/18/10

  • Schedule and conduct roundtables, interviews, and focus groups
  • Surveying on-going
  • Begin drafting environmental scan
  • Close surveying
  • Analyze survey, and discussion group data
  • Present interim data trends to Steering Committee. Discuss options for presentation of Findings

FOURTH QUARTER: 4/18/10-7/18/10

  • Continue conducting roundtables, interviews, and focus groups
  • Analyze roundtable, interview, and focus group data
  • Draft Findings Report
  • Plan presentation of findings event

FIFTH QUARTER: 7/18/10-10/18/10

  • Conduct public presentation of Findings Report; gather public feedback
  • Meet with Steering Committee to consider public feedback to findings and explore draft recommendations
  • Create Draft Plan

FINAL QUARTER: 10/18/10-1/18/11

  • Meet with Steering Committee to review Draft Plan
  • Create Final Plan based on Steering Committee review
  • Place Final Plan on Common Council agenda for presentation and adoption
  • Present Final Plan
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